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Inventory of Powerlessness

In the Inventory of Powerlessness dozens of participants of different ages and backgrounds bundle knowledge and experience about powerlessness. A wide range of individual and often personal situations are brought into a collective setting and explored together with the audience. This gives rise to discussion and impulses, which interrogate the structures -social, political and economical- that give context to our lives. In Dutch with simultaneous translation to English.

Created by Edit Kaldor, Andreas Bachmair, Jurrien van Rheenen
In cooperation with Jeroen van Rooij, Kobbe Koopman, Tirza Gevers, Matthijs Ponte, Ogutu Muraya, Meike Jansen, Emma Berentsen, Bart van de Woestijne, Meyourim Benkemper, Ingeborg Slaats, Ali S., Beer Deurvorst, Zana A., Rufino Henricus, Giorgi M., Rudy Keijzer, Royad S, Pravin S., Renée Royers, David de Lange, Lucia Marneanu, Anne Breure, Runny Margarita, Rose van Dongen, Fenneke Voorsluis-Spanhoff, Emke Idema, Luciana Rosa Moncalvo, Bea Stalenhoef, Corine Marseille, Eric van de Beek, Cecilia Augustein, Nico en Hilda Genis, Lonneke van Heugten, Jeanette Groenendaal, Gerard Smets, Leo Westra, Dorothea Nikiporczyk, Hennie Spronk, Xi Z., Adrienne Garber, Maarten Vos, Bruno Bonisiol, Sandra Tenwolde, Lola Aurora Chacon, Margo van der Linde e.a.
Special thanks to Frank Theys, Cecilia Vallejos, Lola Aurora Chacon, Margo van der Linde, Rosa van Kollem, Maarten Zeehandelaar, Saskia Hegt, Jack Monkau, Julien Omen, Stichting de Vrolijkheid, the`Beach, het Ostadetheater, de Regenboog, buurthuis het Calverhuis and all who collaborated on this project.
Production Edit Kaldor / Stichting Kata
Co-production Frascati Producties (NL), Archa Theater (CZ), Hebbel am Ufer (D) & Malta Festival (PL)
Supported by Gemeente Amsterdam, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, House on Fire (part of the Cultural program 2013-2017 of the European Committee).




Inventory of Powerlessness
  28 January   Frascati 1 Amsterdam
  29 January   Frascati 1 Amsterdam
  30 January   Frascati 1 Amsterdam
  31 January   Frascati 1 Amsterdam
  1 February   Frascati 1 Amsterdam
  5 February   Ostade Theater Amsterdam
  19 March   Sick Festival Brighton (UK)
  21 March   Sick Festival Brighton (UK)



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